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Which 5 novel is useful for Civil Services Examination ?

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"Which 5 novel is useful for Civil Service Examination ?" These 5 novel helps you to Motivate for Achieve Success in your life. So , Read this article carefully share it to your loved one to achieve Success, Motivation in their life.

We Know that Civil Service Examination is a long process, where not only your knowledge but also your patience are tested. During this time many contestants get frustrated with their failure and at this time they are looking for a friend who can understand their words and encourage them to move forward. The book is the foremost of all friends who gives satisfactory advice without any argument from you.

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Man in search of the meaning of life - Victor E. Frankl

The book that I am referring to, Gopal ji, is not a directly motivational book like the books you recommended. But this book is one of the most read books worldwide. This book makes our attitude towards life positive and energetic. Also, it inspires you to overcome the worst of the worst and do something meaningful in life.

● Dark horse

A unique book written on the life of civil service contestants. In this, how a Hindi medium student goes to Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi and tries to harmonize the atmosphere there is described very brilliantly. There are many such letters in it, which have been preparing for many years, but they miss success every time. The protagonist of the story is Santosh who finally succeeds in fulfilling his parents' dreams on the strength of his hard work. You can guess from this that the author was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar of 2015 on his work.

● Non resident Bihari

You must have heard the name of NRI (Non Resident Indian), but Bihar is being talked about here. Just as engineers go out to migrate abroad, so soon after birth in Bihar, it is decided to start preparing for the civil service. And one of these NRBs is Rahul, at the time of his birth, the householders think that it has to be prepared for the collector. Rahul also reaches Mukherjee Nagar like the other NRB, but the poor person goes into a lot of confusion. On one side his sweetheart Shalu and on the other hand UPSC, yet with a low heart, he walks towards his destination. Overall, this whole novel keeps you bound till the end.

● Maa, Mein Collector ban gaya

Rajesh Patil, a 2005 batch IAS officer, has written the journey till his becoming an IAS in this book. He has told through this book that if a person wants to do something, he attains it.

● Kashi Tail

The novel is centered around two of BHU students, Nihal Pandey and Sadaf. Nihal Pandey, a Bihari boy preparing for PCS in Allahabad, fed up with his father's defiance, B.Ed. Comes to BHU There he meets a Muslim girl, Sadaf, who is the daughter of an IPS officer. During this, both fall in love with each other. This novel inspires us to listen to the voice of our conscience, to persevere on the duty path with liveliness even in odd circumstances, to imbibe the supernatural power of love, and to live with our dreams in every way.

So, I hope You like this "Which 5 novel is useful for Civil Services Examination ?" in this Article i personally suggest you to read this amazing Novel, and always Stay Healthy and Motivated.